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Something Bad Is Going to Happen to Nigeria in May, June, July – Prophet Iginla Weeps for Nigeria

 A popular man of God Prophet Joshua Iginla has given a warning to the government of Nigeria saying something terrible is coming ahead.

In his prophetic warning on Nigeria, the man of God wept and said something bad is going to happen in the months of May, June, and July 2021.

Iginla, who is the shepherd in charge of the world-class 80,000 seater auditorium known as the City of Wonders In Nigeria, released a prophetic video this morning where he wept for Nigeria.

Iginla warned that what is coming ahead is scary and that he saw a dark cloud pregnant with an evil baby.

Here is the full message as released by him:

Oh Nigeria, our land of Glory, I weep for You because you are already injured and bleeding. Who can stop this bleeding and flow of blood? I can’t tell you what I see. May History not repeat itself. Nark all I have said in parables. My spirit boils. For the past six months, God has been revealing to me some things that are hard for me to say. We need to pray for Nigeria. What is coming ahead in the next three months is not good, that’s May, June, and July. I can’t talk more than this. We need to pray for Nigeria. You see the military, police, DSS and all security operatives have a lot of works to do because of what is coming ahead. We really need to pray for Nigeria. I appeal to those in authority to be cautious and sensitive because the cloud is dark and it is pregnant. And the baby that is about to come from this pregnancy is an evil baby. I will repeat myself, the cloud is dark and very pregnant with an evil child.

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