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Bishop Sends Message To Nnamdi Kanu, Sunday Igboho And Other Secessionists In Nigeria, Says It's Cheaper To Stay Together

 It is no longer news that many groups and persons have been agitating for the division of Nigeria, following the series of attacks and insecurity facing the country.

According to the latest news gathered from " Punch Newspapers" , Bishop of Sokoto Diocese in the person of Matthew Kukah, has on Saturday criticized secessionist calls when the Bishop disclosed that the cost of staying together as a nation is cheaper than the cost of staying divided in Nigeria.

Bishop Kukah however, apportioned blames on the APC led government of President Buhari for making people feel like foreigners from governance through an inequality in the distribution of power.

The Bishop who spoke virtually during the 2021 edition of The Platform, which is an annual conference that is organised by the Pastor of Covenant Christian Centre, Lagos in the person of Poju Oyemade.

Nigeria is made up of different tribes, but the most popular tribes are Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa. Nigeria have been united as one country since 1914, Sir Lord Lugard joined the south and north together. We have been united as one since then and you can see different tribes, living together in different states in Nigeria. If any person prays for the division of the country, then there is no love in that person for Nigeria.

People complaining about corruption should know that, it can be found in other countries around the world. Even if the country should break, would that stop corruption, nepotism and other things that other tribes are complaining about from continuing. Nigeria breaking up is not the best way to solve situations on ground. People sending themselves to an early grave, is not the best way to seek for freedom. The Yoruba tribe is fighting for Oduduwa republic, while the Igbos tribe is fighting for Biafra.

Every tribe in Nigeria should learn how to live as one, because for the country to stand strong then that is necessary. Fighting for separation and at the same time breaking the laws of the government, is very disastrous. Tribes fighting themselves would end up causing a war. The government can also call these tribes to a round table discussion, to talk about the way forward for the country.

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