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Lead By Example Bishop Oyedepo Bails Out Pastor Adeboye From This Difficult Situation

 Two of the greatest servants not God in Nigeria have developed both the spiritual and physical bond in ministry. They both preach the true gospel to their members and also believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Pastor E. A Adeboye is the General Overseer of the Redeemed Bishop Church Of God while Pastor David Oyedepo is the General Overseer of Living Faith Church Worldwide.

Bishop David Oyedepo however lent a helping hand to Pastor Enoch Adeboye from a very critical situation. Pastor Adeboye was to travel to Ibadan, Oyo State and didn' t wanted to pass through the stress of going by car which could be due to traffic or the damaged roads. The man of God however opted to make use of his private chopper to make the journey quite easier and faster. Unfortunately, the chopper has been grounded by the Federal Government over safety issues.

The statement revealed that the " Agustawesland AW139 chopper with registration number 5N- EAA was suspended from flying two weeks ago, following the expiration of some of its paper and spare parts"

This was however a major stumbling block though Pastor Adeboye wasn' t aware of it. Some aviator agent refused the chopper from moving and the man of God was faced with such problem.

However God knows how he takes care of his servants. No one knows how he does it but he just take mysterious ways to do it. However Bishop Oyedepo, reportedly helped Pastor Adeboye by releasing his own private chopper and made it available for the Redeemed Christian Church of God General Overseer and he was able to make his journey to his destination in a preferred way.

This is however a way by which ministers need to live and show examples to their members. As Christians, we need to emulate this and try to help others who are in need. It is very important and God will help us to adhere in Jesus name. Amen

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