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The Muslim Group Reveals Why Pastor Adeboye Lost His Son, Check Out What They Said

 After the news of Pastor Enoch Adeboye’s son’s death became public, it dominated the headlines. All have expressed their heartfelt condolences.

Dare Adeboye , the Adeboye family’s third son, is said to have fallen asleep and missed the sunset the next day. He wasn’t ill, according to his wife, and he had preached on the alter the day before he died.

The MURIC organization, which stands for Muslim Right Concern, reveals why his son died at such a young age. They said that God allowed his third son to die so that he could put his trust in him to the test. They discovered it when they sent him a letter of condolences following his son’s death.

They consoled the Redeem Church of God’s overseer and spiritual director after his son died, telling him that it was because God wanted to put his trust in him to the test.

They expressed their joy at hearing the news but urged him to remain strong because God is putting their trust in him to the test.

If we recall correctly, the overseer once declared Dare Adeboye to be his miracle child on his birthday. He expressed his love for his third child.

Furthermore, though Isaac was later saved, this scenario is similar to what happened to Abraham in the Bible, with a hint of what happened in Genesis 22.

After so many years of childlessness, God put Abraham’s trust to the test with his only son Issac.

Isaac is a miracle child, and Pastor Adeboye considers his deceased son to be one as well.

Remembering 1 Peter 1:6 as well, we may face multiple trials, but we must not be moved. It’s heartbreaking, but God, in His infinite grace, will comfort his family and everyone affected by his passing.

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